Tracks and maps

Saariselkä MTB Stages is a stage race which consists of three stages. Each of the stages has different track – the tracks are 50km – 80km long and the total distance of the stage race is around 200km.

Distances 2017:

Elite, hobby, fatbike, duo:

  • Stage 1: Trail to Kulmakuru 70km
  • Stage 2: 80km
  • Stage 3: 50km

Adventure, juniors:

  • Stage 1: 11km
  • Stage 2: 25km
  • Stage 3: 15km

Tracks 2017:

Saariselkä is situated next to Finland’s second largest national park, Urho Kekkonen national park. For the first time, this year we are allowed to take Saariselkä MTB Stages into the national park trails.

Stage 1: 70km

Stage 2: 80km

Stage 3: 50km




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