Tracks and maps

Saariselkä MTB Fatbike 2017 tracks



Please note that the race track uses ski tracks for the most of the way. Usually it is not allowed to ride a bike on ski tracks and therefore it is not allowed to ride this track outside the competition. So on other words it is not possible to go training on the race track before the race!

The first 7km of the track is relatively flat and the track follows the border of Urho Kekkonen national park. Between Lutto day hut and Moitakuru day hut there are some small uphills and downhills. There is a service point at Moitakuru day hut at 13km.

After the service point the tracks starts gradually climbing towards Palopää fell. After the fell top, the longer track turns to a narrower single-track section (made by snowmobile). The shorter track continues straight forward. The second longer climb starts after the single track and it will lead the participants up to Kaunispää fell.

The last 2,5km of the track runs along Finland’s longest toboggan slope. Be ready to slow down because there are some tight corners along the last descent!

Please notice that the ski tracks and toboggan slope will not be closed during the race and there might be also other people on the tracks during the race. Please be careful and take other people in to consideration. 🙂