How to get here?

Saariselkä is situated in Northern Lapland, Finland, 260km north from the Arctic Circle. Saariselkä is a small village on the highlands of Lapish fells. Here you don’t necessarily need your own car, it’s easy to move around the village by foot or by bike. It’s also easy to travel here by your own car, the Finnish roads are relatively fast and mostly in good condition. It’s also easy to get here by airplane.

By car:

  • Direction south: The distance from Helsinki to Saariselkä is 1 050 kilometers via road E75.
  • Direction west: From Norway: For example via E8/road 79/road 80/E75(Skibotn-Kilpisjärvi-Muonio-Kittilä-Sodankylä-Saariselkä). The distance Skibotn-Saariselkä is 530 kilometers. Please notice that Finish roads are in general much faster than Norwegian.
  • Direction north: Via E75: The distance from Utsjoki(Norwegian border) to Saariselkä is 195 kilometers.
  • Direction east: From Russia the easiest way to travel to Saariselkä is via Raja-Jooseppi customs, roads 91 and E75. The distance from Raja-Jooseppi customs to Saariselkä is 83 kilometers and from Murmask approximately 300 kilometers.

By airplane:

  • The closest airport to Saariselkä is in Ivalo, the distance from airport to Saariselkä is only 25km. There are daily flights to Ivalo via Helsinki. It’s also possible to fly to Rovaniemi, which is situated 260km south from Saariselkä. If you need help in booking flights, don’t hesitate to contact North Village’s customer service at northvillage@saariselka.com.

By train:

  • It’s possible to travel Helsinki-Rovaniemi by train. It takes about 10 hours and you can travel also during night time comfortably in sleaping carriage. From Rovaniemi you still have to travel approximately three hours by car; either own car, rental car or public bus.

How is it like here?

Here in Saariselkä we can offer great possibilities for mountain biking bith during summer and winter. In summer time we have hudreds of kilometers of variable trails around the village. Our winter season starts in the end of October and continues until mid-May. During the 7-month winter the fatbike is the cyclist’s best friend. In the beginning of March the winter is at its best. We might have around 1 meter of snow and the temperature is something between -25 and 0 degrees.

At the moment we don’t have winter trails that are spesifically meant for winter cycling. However, there are a lot of trails that are suitable for fatbiking, such as snowmobile tracks. Before the event we will make our own tracks.