Participant information

Saariselkä MTB Weekend – Important information for participants

General information:

It’s absolutely forbidden to leave any garbage on the terrain! The participants can leave their garbage to the service points.

On the first stage, it is forbidden to ride over the river Tolosjoki. All participants must walk over the river!

Where the tracks go along public roads, the participants must obey trafic rules. Where tracks go next to tarmac roads it is not allowed to ride on the road.

We ask all the participants to be cautious along the track. In case of an accident the participants must help each others.

Competition center:

The competition center is located on Honkapolku.

Race office:

The race office is located in Honkapolku 2 and it is open as follows:

27.8. at 12-20
28.8. opening at 9 o’clock
29.8. opening at 8 o’clock
30.8. opening at 8 o’clock

Competition numbers:

The competition numbers must be fixed to the handlebar of the bike so that it’s possible to see the number properly. The participants use the same numbers each day. After the races all participants can keep the numbers.

Leader jerseys:

The overall leader of the stage race will be wearing a leader jersey during the race. The leader jerseys will be used in the following classes: men elite, men fatbike, women (all women classes).


All classes start from the competition center (Honkapolku). The participants need to be in the start area in time, approx. 15min before the start. The participants can choose their place in the start freely. Exeption: On Saturday and Sunday the riders with leader jerseys will be called to the first row separately.

The races start with a neutral start behind a front car. The front car must not be overtaken in any situation! After the front car drives to the side, the race starts.

Starting times:

12.00 Start 1 (elite, hobby, fatbike, duo)
12.15 Start 2 (hobby mini, junior)

10.00 Start (all classes)

10.00 Start 1 (elite, hobby, fatbike, duo)
10.15 Start 2 (junior, hobby mini)


The tracks are marked on the terrain with signs, spray paint and marking tape. The three different tracks have own colours: Trail to Kulmakuru (Friday) blue signs and paint, Saariselkä MTB (Saturday) white signs and tape, and Trail to golden lands (Sunday) yellow signs and paint. Big down hills are marked with double-arrow pointing down.  The biggest crossings are closed with marking tape. There is traffic guidance on the points where the tracks cross main roads.

Service points:

Trail to Kulmakuru 28.8:

There are four service points along the track: at 11km, 23km, 40km ja 51km.

Saariselkä MTB 29.8:

There are three service points along the track (5 poins during two laps): at 11km, 26km ja 40km.

Trail to the golden lands 30.8:

There are three service points along the track: 11km, 30km ja 40km kohdilla.

On the service points we offer Powerbar Isoactive sports drink and something small to eat. It’s possible to have your own drinking bottles taken to any of the organizer’s service points. In case you want your bottles to be taken to the service points, they need to be in the race office latest 1 hour before the start in the morning of the competition. Write your name and the name of the service point to the bottle. All empty bottles will be taken to race office after the race.

Private support:

Private support is allowed anywhere along the race tracks on following conditions:

  • It is not allowed to drive private support cars on roads that are part of the race cources in any circumstances.
  • It is not allowed park private support cars to places where they cause danger to participants or other cars.

In case you are not going to finish?

In case you are not going to finish you must inform organizer in competition center, any of the service points or in traffic guidance. If you quit one stage, you can participate the next ones but you can’t complete the stage race.


The results will be published directly after the race in the event’s website:


Dinner will be served in Restaurant Pirkon Pirtti daily:

28.8: at 15-19
29.8: at klo 14-18
30.8: starting at 13

Prize giving:

28.8: at 19 o’clock at Restaurant Teerenpesä
29.8: at 19 o’clock at Restaurant Teerenpesä
30.8: around 15 o’clock in race center


Daily the winners of each class will be rewarded. The overall leaders of men elite, men fatbike and women will receive the leader jerseys. After 3 stages min. 3 best in each class will be rewarded. All juniors and kids will receive a prize.

First aid:

First aid crew is situated in the competitions center. There is a phone connection to first aid from every service point and traffic guidance point.



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